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image WebTrafficWebsite.com came about because each time we would build a website for a business or an individual client we found them asking us what steps to take to ensure their new website would get traffic and be seen by people. Since we we're short on web traffic knowledge we decided to research various ways and techniques to drive traffic to web sites. The best way to share what we learned is of course, a website. Our site allows anyone to get a snippet of what they can do to get started having abundant web traffic. Feel free to explore our site and discover what works for you. There is no one way to influence visitors to land on the web pages of a website; unless you pay for the traffic to come. That's a different story.


Each Client can also do what is called pay per click traffic which simply means to set up and run ads with Google, Facebook or even Bing. The ads get place through out other web sites. When someone executes a search your ad may show up. Each time your ad gets clicked on, you pay a fee for the click. Clicks ad up and you could end up paying a lot of money for the ads if you're not savvy with setting up and control your ads fittingly or correctly.

The methods we reveal are mostly free and do not require much skill as does Pay Per Click. We could have also easily named this website cheap traffic sources due to easier methods like Blog Posting, Forum Posting, Back Linking, Link Exchange. You could also implement a method know as Optimizing Web Pages for Organic Traffic which means ensuing visitors would organically find your website through search. With all of these methods available we decided make Web Traffic Website and reveal over 50 ways to get traffic to a website. Please enjoy.