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5 Ways to get traffic to a

website by ad Swapping

5 Quick Etiquette Tips when Starting an Ad Swapping Campaign

image1. Make sure you have a nice size e-mail list to start.
2. Contact the potential swap partner very professionally.
3. Make sure ad reads right with with words spelled correctly.
4. Make sure you give your ad a call to action: (Buy This Now!
5. Make sure you're available to the skeptical buyers/returns.

Once all agreement details are in place both ads will get emailed to each email list; probably via an email capture system like aweber. Once you've experienced your first ad swap try another until you have built up your subscriber list to a size you're happy with.

Another way to find the right swap partner is to subscribe to a few lists to see what kind of content the is being sent the subscribers. Opting in to their email list gives you a way to evaluate your potential partner's content. You're checking to see if their content is similar to yours. If it is, you could end up connecting with a great swap partner. Its will be difficult to swap ad your content is not good and relative to. You should protect your list and your reputation for being focused on your niche. Subscribers will not opt if your ad is not to their interests.


Definition of Ad Swapping

Be sure to have a nice size email list when swapping ads.

Ad swapping means one email list owner agrees to swap ads with another email list owner with related content. Each person will email an ad to the other person's email list with the goal of selling a product or service which usually drives traffic to each other's website. The swap should also leave you with more subscribers to your email list as well. Many of them will become great prospects to buy whatever you're selling. The product or service should always be related to the interests of the subscribers. The easiest place to find potential ad swapping partners is by search engine. A keyword search will point you to a targeted audience. For instance, lets say it's "traffic sources", one of the toughest markets of all to pursue. It's simply extremely competitive. Type the search term "traffic sources"... The top people with skills amazing skills for web traffic will show on one page one of your search; which is extremely difficult to do. The sites that do show up from the search will be a good indicator you found the best marketers that are highly skilled in what it known as On Page SEO.


Ad Swapping Truths

When should you stop ad swapping?

2. It's a good idea to continue to Ad swapping after your list reaches 5,000. This is not necessarily true. Some research reveals you could be sending your ads to the same people that are already on your list. you will have to the judge of when to stop swapping. If you are continually adding good content to your website you won't have to worry about your list growing or how to sell a product. If your content is good you'll find people landing on your website, buying what you're selling and and joining your email list. Ad swaps won't always guarantee people will sign up to your email list. Remember the old saying "All traffic is not good traffic".

Another type of ad similar to Ad swapping is called Solo ads. The difference between the two is, you purchase Solo ads instead of swapping ads. Check out the link below or the Safe Swap broker website to learn more about purchasing Solo Ads. You'll pay a fee to use the service. Remember the old saying "All traffic is not good traffic".


Ad Swapping Myths

Content is being Researched and will be coming Soon.

1. Getting set up with an ad swap is easy: The truth is, if you don't have a list or an email list worth sharing with a potential partner chances are slim to none to secure an agreement to swap ads. Potential partners want to know they are getting something in return for swapping ads. Many will use an intermediary or broker type website to oversee the process. (See related content below)


Related to Ad Swap

Extra ways to search for Ad Swapping Partners

1 Forums: Check out the warrior Forum where you'll find many webmasters looking to swap ads.

2. Check out the hopefully a safe way to swap and also check out Solo ads to help drive traffic to your website.

3. Search via a search engines for people and web sites that fit your niche and join their email list to evaluate their content.

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