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Ways to get traffic to a

website with Amazon

Amazon: The Surprising way to get traffic to a website.

imageTraffic will always be associated with Amazon because of it's successful business model. Shop online for almost anything you can imagine usually at very low prices. That formula will always get you a lot of traffic. The question becomes how do you as a business get some of that traffic? All of information we provide comes from hours of research. We do not condone using tricks to get traffic to your website.

1.The first method of getting traffic would be to become a member of the organization. Amazon offers a few programs that are free to join like the affiliate program. Find the niche that fits what you are selling to your audience and start reviewing products or services similar to yours. As you build your relationship through membership.

2. The goal is to become an expert in your niche. If approached with sincerity you should be able to add your profile which will include your website as well. Visitors reading your opinion about your niche should become curious about your review promoting them to visit your website which is over time should bring even more traffic to your website.

3. Once webmasters who sell in your niche sees your inelegant sincere opinion about the subject they will be theoretically become interesting in who you are and what you have to say. Once you have signed up you'll have access to Your Orders, your lists, your recommendations, your digital subscriptions, your service requests, your prime membership, your video subscriptions and a bunch more. Lets use your garage for instance. while logged in you pick the make a model of any car you desire and write a review. There are requirements to write a review for this category

Myths for Writing Amazon Reviews

Just log into and start writing reviews:



Steps to Get Setup on Amazon

Step #1.
Set up an account with Amazon. This is the easiest part of the whole task. Go to and set up an account for yourself. This should only take a few minutes and is very straight forward.
Step #2.
Click on your “Your Name” Store tab. Once you’ve set up your account you should have been given a password in order to login to your account. If you’re not logged in already, login now. Now, from within the members area there should be a row of tabs at the top of the member’s area, click on the one that says “Your Name” Store This will take you to a different area with a different sub-menu. Click on the tab in the sub-menu that says “About You Area”.
Step #3.
Setting up your “About You Area”.
Now this is where you have to pay ‘Special Attention’ because this is what people will see when they click on your ‘About You’ tab. Assuming you are at the ‘About You Area’ you’ll notice that you have spots available to put your Picture, Name, Nickname, email Address, Real Name and About Me. Well go ahead and fill out all the area’s accepting your ‘About Me’. The ‘About Me’ spot is what I’ll talk about in the next step, but for now, just fill out all the other area’s and if you want to put up a picture of yourself, you can, it’s up to you.

Step #4. Set up the ‘About Me’ section


Definition of Amazon

Amazon Should be Known as a Great Search Engine.

imageAmazon is one of the most underrated search engines ever. It it is rich with information for market research and definitely more than a place to buy products.

's in good taste. Most videos uploaded today have a goal of either selling a product or entertaining people. When a video becomes popular and get multiple hits, it gets categorized as a viral video. Many celebrities have launched their careers through YouTube, like Justin Beiber and a few others. Users can upload videos to share, review, and rate. Users can also subscribe to YouTube channels to receive updates from the channels owner.  Videos can also be marked as favorites. People also launch new songs, movie documentaries, movie shorts, TV shows, and even movie trailers of upcoming films. YouTube truly is a great place to get educated on many different subjects. You can find tutorials on just about any subject you can imagine. Wanna learn something new? Go to YouTube and search for it.


Amazon Truths

Amazon is Also a Producer of Movies and Television Shows.
Amazon is of the best quality of e-commerce that continually grows with many sub set businesses like film production of movies and television shows. It also offers a way for anyone to publish books that can be downloaded onto smart devices. It also has a great recovery rate when your product is stolen or lost while shipping. It is a highly popular company for when you want to purchase something quick online.


Amazon Myths

How Easy is it to Write Reviews for Amazon?

amazonIt's easy to submit a review to Amazon. That is a myth for sure. Here is what must be done to submit a review, customers have to make a credit card purchases of a certain amount before they can write reviews. Having a prime subscription is not enough and do not qualify as payment. The current minimum is 50 dollars. For further details on check out the Amazon Customer Review Writing Guidelines. You may write a review in whichever account you have established. The goal is to get connected and become and authority in your niche of service. All reviews should be well thought out and well written. Sincerity when writing is recommended to reviewers.

If you have another account and you have already used it to make a purchase, you can sign into that account to write a review. One way to solidify your status as an authority is to a have a business where you sell products directly from your website via e-commerce. This option will give you more options for reviewing various products. We don't recommend having various accounts but be focused on making a specific niche successful. If your e-commerce sight has a type of product that has other tiers of the product, become and expert on the product and write reviews.This may require you also buy some of the products to give an honest review.


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