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5 Ways to get traffic to a

website through Back Linking.

Back linking Should Never Replace Great Content.

image1. Visit Blogs related to your website and leave comments and a link back to your website. If your blog post is excepted it will create an automatic back link.

2. Write testimonials about top blogs or web sites and notify the blog owner of the review. The goal is to get them to put a link on their web site so their visitors can read the testimonial you wrote about them.

3. Offer a product you created to bloggers for free and ask them to mention it on their blog or write a review of the product. You will get a back link by default from the review.

4. Submit your web site to a few directories and get back links. Wait for your site to be approved and get your links

5. Find web sites that mention content on your site and kindly ask them to add your link to the web page.



Definition of Back Linking

Back Links Should Come Naturally to Your Website.

Back linking is when the owner of a website installs or adds a link; the web address of a website, to their website. That link is considered or called a back link. The majority of links that get installed are due something the installer found useful to their audience of readers.

from your website link to their website because they believe your website has value or information that should be shared with those how visit the website.


Back Linking Truths

Gradually Add Back links as your website Grows.

Back links with web sites that have high ranking power in Google can help boost the power of your website. A back link is considered a vote for your website in search engines.


Back Linking Myths

Avoid Getting Manufactured Back Links.

Back Linking is a guaranteed way to get traffic to your website. This is totally a myth. Not all back links are good back links.


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